Rj11 cable:

What is rj11

The international RJ11 standard is used for the phone. A pair of copper-binding is used to transmit signals. The rj11 colors guide the user. The tension between these two wires is about 48 volts.

The information conveyed with a RJ11 can be analog or digital (DSL). The telephone cable that arrives at the Subscriber has in general 4-pair UTP, only one will be used.
Telephone connections use therefore 2 bonds with a DC voltage that varies from one country to another. In Spain, a Spanish royal decree defines the use cases of the RJ-11 and RJ-45 for the users of the Spanish telephone network termination points.

Functions of Reception and Transmission of the various connectors RJ11, RJ14 and RJ25.

Position pin RJ25 pin RJ14 pin RJ11 twisted pair R/T twisted pair color colors RJ25
1 1 -- pair 3 T white/green white/green
2 2 1 - pair 2 T white/orange white/orange
3 3 2 1 pair 1 R blue blue/white
4 3 2 - pair 1 T white/blue white/blue
5 5 4 - pair 2 R Orange Orange/white
6 6 -- pair 3 R Green Green/White

RJ11 pinout

RJ11: namely

A telephone jack in T uses 8 standard connections, each corresponding has a different color thread in the cable: grey, white, blue, violet, transparent, Brown, yellow, orange.
However, a phone has need of two wires (typically grey and white), rj11 colors, the other being used primarily for the faxes.

Adapters may be used in countries that operate under another type of telephone cabling system. An adapter typically involves one compatible with the local telephone jacks end. The other end coporte a RJ11 connector for the connection of the telephone. The adapter converts and sends voice signals.

RJ11 connection

RJ11: standards

Each country has standardized the domestic telephone jacks.However, all countries have not adopted the same norms and standards.We can find about 44 different variations of standards and jacks.

RJ standards and colors consisted many different configurations which have been abbreviated.The terminology to remember today is RJ11, RJ12 or RJ14 to 6 pin and RJ45 receptacle for a socket